Chia Ying Lin is an illustrator, visual designer, vegan and nature lover. She likes to draw people’s life in her little corner and makes self-published zines besides her working time.

Chia Ying Lin

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We asked Chia a few questions about her work...

What is your favourite illustration that you have ever done? Why did you make it?

Still to this day, I still really like the series “Orlando” I made four years ago which was a visual narrative focusing on feminism. During this time, I started to read about feminist issues and wanted to immerse my concerns into my art work. Back then, I was still at university so I had

Your designs are quite unusual and in your own words a bit ‘weird’ where do you get your inspiration from?

I am fascinated by online culture, often my ideas and themes are taken from the internet and then given their own mood.


What is your favourite felt piece you’ve made and why?

The dancing cyber-baby that I have made, because it was my first attempt to combine mechanical toys with my felt work and I am very satisfied with the results.


How long does it take to make one usually?

There is no certain amount of time, it’s about my feeling, because when I am in a good mood, I can make it faster!


What do you find the hardest part of making a wool felt piece?


The hardest part is finding the subject I want to make and then continuing to create it.