Chia Ying Lin is an illustrator, visual designer, vegan and nature lover. She likes to draw people’s life in her little corner and makes self-published zines besides her working time.

Chia Ying Lin

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We asked Chia a few questions about her work...

What is your favourite illustration that you have ever done? Why did you make it?

Still to this day, I still really like the series “Orlando” I made four years ago which was a visual narrative focusing on feminism. During this time, I started to read about feminist issues and wanted to immerse my concerns into my art work. Back then, I was still at university so I had

can still be visually pleasing, and the decorative objects can help people have a spiritual healing.


What different materials do you connect together with your work? How do you select these materials?

In order to connect with nature, I often use driftwoods for the handles and broken glasses from the seaside be used as decoration with the glaze. To allow my products to be easily identified as handmade I weave materials to make accessories such as necklaces.

What is your process usually like? Do you often have a particular shape in mind when you start making a piece or do you let it form as you go?

Although I start each piece with an initial vision or theme, I don’t like to completely control the shape, I think the clay cooperates with me, it’s a collaboration between us.

Lots of your ceramics are of animals, what is it about nature and creatures that inspires you?

To me, every creature living in this word is a miracle. Everyone is sharing this one earth, and every creature has their own mission in the world. Each other connect with each other. And sometimes I think I’m more like animals than humans, so I prefer to make the animals. 

Whose work do you admire the most in the ceramic world?

I have respect for anyone who has the determination to continue to produce ceramic work in their own way.